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Scerbo Testimonials

Dr. Christopher S. Ahmad performed rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder December 13, 2013. Since I am very active and wanted to be back in commission ASAP he referred me to Scerbo Physical Therapy. Frank Scerbo dealt with me personally and the results were astounding, especially from the point after surgery where I had lost total use of my right arm, was in pain and not very optimistic. Despite my impatience and desire to push myself, Dr. Scerbo advised me to proceed according to his schedule and promised I would be back doing most sports within 6 months. Some people I know had told me it took them 1 year to feel 100%! I diligently followed the home schedule Dr. Scerbo suggested and went to physical therapy 3 times a week for over 4 months.  I have to admit I had my doubts after the first 3 months. Miraculously, by the end of the 5th month my pain had gone away completely and I was able to concentrate on rebuilding my strength. Within 6 months about 95% of my strength had returned and I was able to do whatever I wanted to do.

"Dr. Scerbo's support staff was professional and knowledgable and other physical therapists working with Dr. Scerbo appeared to be very competent. Plaudits to Scerbo Physical Therapy!"

Harvey Berkey

My healing at Scerbo Physical Therapy was to me, a miracle. I began therapy with pain, weakness, and tingling in my right arm. I frankly didn't know whether my arm would be back to normal. I was more than a little pessimistic, but it happened. My right arm became normal again. The miracle workers were my therapist Mike and his assistant Chris. It was all an amazing experience. First of all, Scerbo's is a comforting environment – clean, well-appointed and overlooking the Hudson River. The atmosphere was upbeat from the moment I stood at the front desk. Mike, my therapist was terrific – knowledgeable, kind thorough and patient. I always felt I was in good hands (literally). Chris, was always attentive and exacting when supervising my exercises.

"All in all, who would think that physical therapy could be a great experience? It was at Scerbo."

Natalie Robbins

About three years ago, I had a total hip replacement. I went into rehab using a walker, unable to drive, walk my dog, and depressed by my situation. That feeling didn't last long. It went from depression to guilt when friends and family felt sorry for me spending a few hours, three times a week in rehab. I was loving it. The staff is, above all, knowledgeable and caring, but they seem to have a spark that makes the experience - no matter how difficult or painful - for me, fun. That sounds crazy, but starting at the top it is the unusual truth about rehabilitation at SCERBO. I watch patients all the time smiling and laughing with the staff as they work through their programs in an atmosphere of encouragement.   

"Approaching my second hip replacement, I am not dreading my rehab. If this seems like an over-the-top endorsement, it is. Because it's all true. Patients leave Scerbo Physical Therapy with a big smile. Oh, and less pain."

Patricia N.
Emmy Award winning writer Mary Tyler Moore Show, Lily Tomlin, Rhoda etc.

Scerbo Physical Therapy is a warm, comfortable environment that is a perfect place to heal. From the first moment you enter, you are greeted and always with a smile, by Brighid, the receptionist. Brighid is always in a good mood and goes out of her way to welcome and accommodate your schedule. All staff members have thorough knowledge about your issues, from assistants to physical therapists to interns. This is a testament to the family-like atmosphere where the staff communicates very well to make sure you are serviced well. The physical therapists are highly educated, effective and extremely professional. I saw an improvement in my condition within 3-4 sessions. They were always there to guide me through issues while supporting my own philosophy of improving my overall daily functional abilities while avoiding surgery. The facilities are top of the line, the machines they have invested in make an impact and I haven’t found them at other places.

"Overall, this is a PT place I recommended to friends and family members if they needed physical therapy and none have been disappointed with their treatment. To me this is exceptional care combined with truly empathetic and wonderful people."

Nancy Flogaites

When I injured my left shoulder I was in denial that it was anything serious. I figured it was bursitis or a bad bruise. I tried physical therapy for several weeks until Dr. Frank Scerbo convinced me to see a specialist who he had highly recommended. Dr. Christopher Ahmad told me what I didn't want to hear. I had a shattered rotator cuff that required surgery. Dr. Frank Scerbo took a personal interest in my case, and was an observer during the surgical procedure. The surgery was a success, but I was told that without the physical therapy it would be a failure. For six months I worked with Dr. Scerbo and his fabulous staff.

"They made me feel like a friend, not a patient. They were gentle and understanding when the therapy was painful. I have the highest regard and deepest respect for Dr. Frank Scerbo and his team. They did for me what no medication could accomplish. Their professionalism and caring were the perfect prescription to ease the pain and speed my total recovery. I'm forever grateful."

Marvin Scott
WPIX Correspondent/Anchor; 7 time Emmy Winner

Going to physical therapy at Scerbo Physical Therapy didn't just provide me with physical healing after having 4 surgeries within a 4 year time period. It provided me with emotional healing as well which made the experience that much better and helped my overall healing process.

"Scerbo PT is the perfect place for all of your healing needs and the therapists are like no other."

Debbie P.
Cliffside Park, NJ

Frank Scerbo… after five years and a few injuries/surgeries later, i.e. knee replacement, frozen shoulder, etc., etc., I can safely report that Frank and his group of dedicated staff are nothing short of outstanding. Period. Caring, thoughtful, resourceful and knowledgeable best describes the care you will receive at Scerbo PT….

"I am forever grateful for his profound pursuit of excellence for patient recovery."

Johanna Burke
Edgewater, NJ

Scerbo PT is the one & only place to go to, when anyone, of any age, needs to Rehabilitate from any kind of surgery...I know personally, since I had a "Double Knee Replacement" in 2007 & Frank Scerbo & his Staff, got me up & walking & I can say, today, if not for his skillful hands- on techniques, exercises & fantastic team of professionals, I would not be back at work (Retail), wearing my 3 inch Heels, & Dancing with the Stars...

"It's the only Rehab I would recommend! The office is Cheerful, Friendly, and provides a beautiful View of the New York Skyline on the Hudson... What more can you ask for?"

Francine K.
Cliffside Park, NJ

I came to Scerbo Physical Therapy within 48 hours of having an ACL reconstruction with a hamstring graft, and with a strong recommendation from the Hospital of Special Surgery where the procedure was done. Dr. Scerbo and his team did a phenomenal job of helping me through the rehab process from post op to advance strength training over several months. The team is responsive, knowledgeable and supremely positive and encouraging. I couldn’t get through it without them!

"I highly recommend Scerbo Physical Therapy."

Victor M. Núñez
New York, NY

At Scerbo Physical Therapy the staff is always courteous and respectful. Working with Frank Scerbo, PT, DPT & Michael E. Pomykala, PT, DPT & Jennifer Gentile, PT, DPT, I could tell that they love their jobs and patients. They pushed me hard but as safely as possible. Coming off ACL reconstructive surgery, I felt that I'd never be the same, but they have gotten me stronger than before.

"I highly recommend everyone from Scerbo PT all the way from the front desk office administrators down to the PT aides."

Andrew Collins
Fairn Lawn, NJ

We went pretty apprehensive and with a very heavy heart to Dr. Frank Scerbo when our son had a very severe knee bleed around 10 months back. He is 8 years old and has severe hemophilia along with the complications of an inhibitor. When not many Physical Therapists wanted to take on the complicated case of our son, Dr. Frank welcomed us and in our first visit made us feel very comfortable. His charming personality is just an addition to his immense knowledge, his positive attitude, his warm smile, his abundant patience and his magical hands. His clinic has state of the art equipment and is kept very clean. In just a few visits, our son felt so connected with him and his team, that one of them is now his best buddy. With persistent care and training under Dr. Frank, our son started walking normal again and felt happy that he did not need to limp anymore. We still continue our therapy and are happy and proud of our son’s success which he owns to his wonderful doctor, Dr. Frank.

"With a blink of an eye, we would recommend Dr. Frank to anyone who needs physical therapy.
We’re glad we got this opportunity to express our gratitude to him."

Yasmin & Cyrus Pavri
Edgewater, NJ

Four years ago I overcame complications from major knee surgery with the help of an amazing physical therapist Dr. Frank Scerbo, PT, DPT. On the first day we met, I could barely move my leg. Three months later, I was walking out of their office feeling like I never had a problem.

"Dr. Scerbo gave me my life back. I would recommend him to anyone needing physical therapy!"

Jerry S.
Cliffside Park, NJ